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“We all have dreams, in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.”

 – Jesse Owens

Olympic gold-medalist runner


Welcome to Race For Her!

Thanks to all who participated in the race this year!
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Race For Her 2018 5k winners.

Congratulations Tim Lapp for winning 1st place runner, with a time of 19:59.7.

And a shout out to our 2nd place men’s runner Levi Fisher Jr, with a time of 20:57.9.

Congratulations to our 1st place women’s runner Krissy Sanera, with a time of 24:14.0.

And a shout out to our 2nd place women’s runner McKenzi Keiser, with a time of 26:34.6.

Congratulations to our 1st place walker Russell Sieber, with a time of 41:22.7.

And a shout out to our 2nd place walker Reanna Hoover, with a time of 44:10.5.